The Real Jay Mills District of Columbia

The Real Jay Mills is more than an artist. She is a Trendsetter, a Taste Maker & a Custom Brand. This lady lyricist from DC is also an activist, recording engineer, composer, and CEO. She started as a poet and has released 4 spoken word "poetremixtapes" since 2005. She began her transition into hiphop in 2009 and has released 3 mixtapes that have been heavily downloaded worldwide. ... more

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Track Name: Numbers Don't Lie (feat. B Sheba & Tese Fever)
The Balance of Life Hangs in Every Female Soul
God gave us Man for his seed
But We're the vessel he holds
We Are The Vessel God Chose
Its within Us He Molds
But nowadays women have forgotten their roles
This is for my sisters whose material wishes
And bad choices got them stuck thinking that they're just sluts or bitches
Blind to their own inner riches
Fake smiling for pictures
While their soul is in stitches
I understand My purpose in Life
Created to be a Mother, Made to be the Perfect Wife
My Worth can't have a Price
Can't purchse the Sunlight
No dollars for Ocean Waters
Unborn Sons or Daughters
or for the hearts thats been slaughtered
cuz Lust has made you a Martyr
I'ts time time to flip and reOrder
go back to Isis & Horus
Because this Life isn't For us
Its only Right to Adore Us
We Are The Closest thing to God on Earth
....now sing the chorus
Track Name: The Good Life
I'm Living It....You Wishing it

My 3rd Eye Open Wide So I Never Try
I Just BE
I am ME
Who are You
Not Me See...
Standing in the D dot C
but you Can't find me
Call me Carmen Sandy-
i go grinding
CD signing
You so behind me
Catch me, First rewind me
See my time be Tokyo, Far East
Currently in NYC I'm Multiplying Next Day cheese
Follow me and You WIll Never Leave
Hollow Ts when I speak on a beat
or Free in the Street
I flow like I breathe
I Know I'm the 3
the Soul or the Whole Trinity
I show my Divinity
Friend to my Enemies
Moneys next to Kin to me
Haters be a memory
I'm manifesting a slice of heaven, truth confessing
Life blessing thru MIC checkin ghetto Reverend

And I flow harder than your morning wood
Hotter than that goodgood holding wood tight
My life's your wish - More than Your Christmas list
Know my Conglomerate, whole clique rich
I spit that quick...blink and I kno you'll miss
Try but you'll never get hip like a white chick
Rip when I write hits sick as a menengitic
Every lyric exquisite and if I talk it I did it
If you Wish it I Live it I get It and then I ditch it
I switch it like dirty britches
and disses get me in stiches jelly misses
I laugh
Heehee at you little individuals mad my residuals
are triple what you'll ever pull
I will make you miserable, Les Miserables - Moi Chocolate
Toi - Tu es Nada
Yo hahahahaha clocking dollas, euros, yens, and yachts
i quadruple while you stop -

i'm living that Good Life....
Track Name: I Used To Love H.I.M. (Feat: Sheba)
I was his French Jamila cherry chocolate delight
Alone in his room he'd think of Me at night
Doobie hair tied, bamboo stick slide, black fist to the sky
Full of Pride
It was U - N - I - T - Y
You Are All I Need To Get By
I'll be your bonnie my Clyde
Ain't no other like the One by My Side
But inside I cried cuz You got SO Fly
You got So High pressure bust vesseles in your Eyes
The stress of the Sky got the best of your Vibe
You Left from your Tribe on a Quest for Demise
The Source of your death - the Pale Horse that you ride
And I remember Way Back When (when)
You Told me You Would never call me Bitch again
But right now you swtiching and guess I'm really missing when
Dissin on a sista was a suicide by pen
You and I again we can fight the world and win
We're public enemies so forget about your friends
We in cool mode, these hot times we in
Lets focus on Finding Forever together until the End
Track Name: Love Therapy
I wish that you were more than just a memory
I wish that you could be at least a friend to me
See now its like you're my sworn enemy
Can't let you get that close again to me
I wish that we could cut the cussing and fussing
And go back to when we were just kissing and hugging and rubbing
And lovemaking not fucking
But now when I think of you, its just FUCK HIM.
I wish that it was still back in the day
When we thought that no harm could come our way
When we didn't care what they haters had to say
See, you were my Sunshine when my Skies were Gray and
I wish I didn't have to spend my nights alone
And I wish I didn't have to take the long way home
And even though its been months since we spoke on the phone
I wish my memories would just Leave You Alone

(taken from a page from the books of "A Beautiful Mind"